• Erich Kästner School, Leipzig

    New Construction of a School with PassivHaus Standard

New construction of a school with nursery and sports hall built to PassivHaus standard

The core of the primary school is the central entrance hall, which features a freestanding space sculpture. This sculpture encompasses the cloakrooms and caretaker rooms on the ground floor and, on the first floor, the library and computer room. It thereby creates a type of media island on the first floor. From the foyer, users can use the open staircase to access the two upper floors. Circular window openings provide a view from the galleries of the foyer into the library and the computer room. In this way, the children become used to the media pool in their everyday life. The surrounding open galleries invite visitors and users to explore the building. Circular rooflights have been installed to provide natural lighting to the hall. The internal organisation of the building has been designed to suit the age of the children.

The rooms for the youngest have been accommodated on the two lower floors. The rooms for the older children are on the second floor. The nursery rooms are located on the ground and first floors in order to ensure that the distances to the break/recreation area are short. The dining rooms can be conjoined to create a multi-purpose room. They are fitted with generous glazed areas that face the school yard. The room combination is suitable for a wide range of functions, such as the daily provision of meals and events, e.g. music performances, Christmas parties and first-day-at-school events. The interior provides many zones for play and communication, as well as quieter areas for learning and reading. The low windowsills are characteristic of the interior and have been provided in order to allow the smaller children in particular a view to the green space outside while seated.

The juxtaposition of the school and nursery, as well as the shared main entrance, ensures that the rooms can be used flexibly. The sports hall adjoins the single-storey nursery building. The access to the sports hall is provided via a gallery with a view over the sports area at a 2 m lower level. The changing rooms have been provided in the basement; above these are the plant rooms for the sports hall and the school. The generous glazing of the sports hall faces west towards the school yard, allowing views both from and into the building.

Some of the considerable advantages of the PassivHaus construction include distinct user comfort, energy conservation and good ecological qualities. The energy conservation can be achieved by using any existing passive heat sources in the buildings, such as building fabric heated by solar irradiation or waste heat generated by equipment, to supplement the heating of the school and sports hall. Exhaust air transfers 80% of its thermal content to incoming fresh air with the help of a highly efficient rotation heat exchanger. The entire building has been enclosed air-tight in order to ensure that the heat generated does not escape. The very compact design of the new building, the sinking into the ground of the sports hall, the construction in reinforced concrete and the care taken in the implementation of the services to meet building physics requirements lead to the required air-tightness. During the summer months, the construction can be used for cooling. For this purpose, a cooling aggregate that is part of the cooling machine is connected to a ground loop embedded beneath the sportsground.

Total contract sum
14,7 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
UFA 5.330 m²
GFA 8.630 m²
GV 42.986 m³
Stadt Leipzig
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