Extensive refurbishment of and extension work to the Osnabrück Hospital

Buildings used for the health service should be designed such that they foster the recovery process of patients. Buildings that are purely designed to satisfy functional purposes cannot fulfil this requirement. For this reason, extensive refurbishment, conversion and extension work was carried out to the Osnabrück Hospital between 2005 and 2009, for which Planungsbüro Rohling AG (pbr) produced the overall design.

The entrance area

The entrance area of the Osnabrück Hospital at 'Am Finkenhügel' was refurbished in accordance with a concept which provides patients, visitors and users with a higher level of overall quality. The objective of the upgrade of certain areas of the entrance hall was achieved without expending significant resources. A friendly interior atmosphere was created by applying larger-than-life fern and grass motifs to the glazed walls. Some of the glazed walls separate the reception cubicles from the open entrance area. This means that the fern and grass motifs also provide greater privacy with a natural feel.


Continuing on from the idea of integrating design themes relating to the natural world, a surface finish in dark wood was selected for the area of the hospital reception, which received priority treatment. The reception and reception cubicles are directly adjacent to each other, so that the two design themes sit comfortably next to each other. The multi-storey glass facade provides natural daylight to the entrance area. The incoming daylight emphasises the effect of the surface finishes, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

By using a colour-coded guide system involving room-high signage attached to the walls with directions to the various clinics and wards, it was possible to make it easier for patients to find their way. Visitors also notice the signage quickly and therefore find it easier to make their way to the area or clinic they intend to visit.

Outpatient operating unit

To accommodate the outpatient operating unit, parts of level 00 in building tract A1 of the Osnabrück Hospital were converted. The former mouth, jaw and face surgery facility (MKG) in this area was restructured to form three operating theatres with eleven post-operative recovery beds and the necessary back-up rooms. The adjoining physiotherapy area was reorganised and linked with the outpatient operating centre. All building work was carried out while the hospital remained operational.

Extensive upgrade work

In addition to the entrance area and the outpatient operating unit at the Osnabrück Hospital further measures were carried out as part of the overall concept which are summarised below:

·       New construction – magnetic resonance imaging facility

·       Extension and refurbishment of delivery room

·       Conversion of MKG X-ray facility

·       Conversion of intensive care ward for infants

·       Conversion of central sterilisation unit

·       Conversion of care support points

·       Conversion of endoscopy unit

·       Conversion and extension of accident and emergency unit (NAZ)

·       Extension of cardiology centre

·       Conversion and extension of surgery facility

·       Extension of doctor and treatment rooms

Total contract sum
14,6 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
GFA 6.078 m²
GV 22.461 m³
Klinikum Osnabrück GmbH
services pbr
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