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    New construction of an operations building

New construction of an operations and workshop building for HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort GmbH

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) operates the Altenwerder and Burchardkai container terminals as well as the Tollerort container terminal at the Köhlbrand contributory in Hamburg. The construction of new buildings in this location had been prompted by the exponentially growing quantities of standard containers (TEU) that had to be handled. This led to the creation of the "CTT 2MTEU+" terminal extension program, which was to accommodate an increase in the trans-shipment of containers from previously 750,000 TEU to more than 2 million TEU. The planned buildings including the multi-storey car park, the pedestrian bridge, the company building, the workshops, the filling station and various other small buildings were completed in the record time of 1.5 years.

It was pbr AG’s task to produce the designs for various new buildings with a high degree of integration of the technical services installations.

The access to the duty-free area, which is secured by controls, is via a public multi-storey car park and a pedestrian bridge that crosses the terminal access road and provides a visual separation from the secure area which is highlighted by the conspicuous steel construction in the HHLA corporate colours.

The centre of the new infrastructure is the nine-storey company building. The 6th floor was selected to house the heart of the entire company building – the logistics centre. It is from here that all processes involving container movement are controlled. A glazed balcony projecting on two sides makes it possible for staff to view the entire site of the Tollerort container terminal all the way to the edge of the quay.

On the 8th floor is an open gallery from where visitors have a fantastic view of the surrounding port area, the River Elbe, the city centre of Hamburg, across to the Speicherstadt. On the ground floor, a commercial kitchen serves a canteen for up to 185 diners. Furthermore, there is a reception area where freight ship passengers can check in for the ocean crossing. The intermediate storeys contain staff areas for all terminal employees, and an office area.

The facade of the company building consists of rugged compound aluminium panels with metallic-colour coating in the HHLA corporate colours. The detailed facade design in its succinct shape and colour ensures that the building becomes a special architectural landmark in the Hamburg port area.

Furthermore, it was necessary to construct a workshop building in which the vehicles operating at the terminal could be repaired and serviced. This building had to meet special requirements, as it also had to provide access to the van carriers (VCs), which can transport stacks of up to four containers. This required 7 m wide and 17 m high industrial doors for the 15 m high VCs, and projecting working platforms at a height of 13 m, to be included in the design. A test drive at a breathtaking height in one of the 5 different VC models helped the designers to specify the details for the employee access points to the VC driver cabs.

All the different media services needed in the workshop, such as oils, anti-freeze, compressed air etc., had to be provided on the ground floor and on the working platforms; these services were provided via remote-controls and swivel arms for media. A wash facility was provided for cleaning the VC vehicles. The multi-storey workshop, office and technology tract completes the range of functions for the terminal.

Industrial underfloor heating was used to provide static background heating in the building and halls. Air-heaters are installed above the industrial doors and are used for short heating boosts to prevent the building from cooling down too much during the open door periods. The separate ventilation system provides basic and peak ventilation via ventilation aggregates on the roof and on the upper work level in the VC workshop hall.

The loadbearing structure consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete construction. The building rests on deep pile foundations. A grid of beams beneath the base of the building serves to distribute the building loads to the piles.

Total contract sum
14 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
GFA 6.850 m²
GV 92.200 m³
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Tollerort GmbH
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