• Jungheinrich, Norderstedt

    Refurbishment and new construction of a training complex

Refurbishment and new construction of a training complex for Jungheinrich in Norderstedt

Interactive whiteboards, virtual classrooms and blended learning – the new training centre of Jungheinrich AG champions integrated forms of learning which combine theory and practice. The centre manages to provide education and training to about 5,000 training participants per year.

Lifting, conveying, storing and transporting. What 60 years ago began with simple lift and fork-lift trucks, today is achieved using state-of-the-art storage technology. With a workforce of about 13,000 in 33 countries, Jungheinrich AG is one of the world’s experts in the field of intra-logistics, offering consultancy on material flow, automated conveyor equipment, fork-lift trucks and logistics software. Since its opening in 2015, national and international members of staff are trained in the new training centre on the site in Norderstedt.

Jungheinrich champions a combination of theory and practice, which is why the linking of theory teaching rooms with practical training areas was a key issue during the design process. This was no easy task, because the training centre – with two new halls – had to integrate a refurbished existing building and a converted existing hall.

The external appearance of the new building was to reflect the corporate design of Jungheinrich AG. For this reason it was necessary not only to refurbish the facade of the existing office building in terms of thermal insulation, but also to install a new curtain wall facade.

Continuous fenestration bands with dark mullion/transom elements subdivide the new silver-grey facade at each of the three storey levels, and create a clear design pattern. With its timeless and functional architecture, the new training centre now dominates the appearance of the Jungheinrich AG site.

The work involved the renewal of the roof construction, as well as restructuring of the interior. The three storeys provide trainers and staff of the training centre with offices, conference rooms and project areas which have been laid out in the form of an open-plan office, reflecting the corporate strategy. The adjoining existing hall was sub-divided with partition walls to form different training areas. This tract also required the installation of an exhaust ventilation system because of the use of equipment with combustion engines. Additional areas for teaching theory and practical subjects, and for a test track, were created by constructing two new halls. The gallery on the first floor accommodates the theory rooms associated with the practical training areas, and are equipped with modern media technology.

Whiteboards, e-learning systems and virtual classrooms are the prerequisites for interactive teaching with seeing, hearing and touching. Training participants are trained in the areas of sales, technical customer service and in the company philosophy. The teaching staff consists of about 20 trainers. In addition, a 12 m high hall provides the space for training with logistics system equipment.

Total contract sum
8,9 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
UFA 7.376 m²
GFA 7.967 m²
GV 61.551 m³
Jungheinrich AG
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