• Cliner Quelle, Carolinensiel

    New construction and extension of a spa centre

Construction and new building and extension of the Cliner source spa centre in Carolinensiel

With the new construction of the indoor spa water pool in Carolinensiel, an attractive spa water bathing landscape has been created that meets state-of-the-art technical requirements. Formerly, the spa was used by visitors seeking the healing effects of the spa water; today, a wide range of relaxation, therapy, leisure and recuperation facilities appeals to families and those seeking sporting activities in equal measure. pbr AG was appointed to carry out all design aspects for the project. After over 30 years in service, the spa centre was badly in need of an overhaul. For this reason, the decision was made to carry out extensive refurbishment and conversion work, which included the new construction of an indoor swimming pool.

The entrance area of the spa centre was redesigned. Now visitors make their approach to the building from the pedestrian way along the Harle River. The salt mist hall was newly constructed in the same place as the previous hall. Making use of the central inner courtyard, the foyer becomes a light-flooded room, which also provides space for events and general relaxation. From there, all facilities of the spa can be accessed. The salt mist hall includes pools for both children and swimmers. The existing sweet water fun pool was extensively refurbished. The adventure area has a wide water slide as well as an enclosed slide and other attractions.

In total, the generous water landscape comprises two spa water and two sweet water pools. The large indoor pool was fitted with waterfall showers as well as a rising pool floor. It can be used as a pool for swimmers as well as a therapy pool with different depths of water. Underwater spotlights and coloured LED lights illuminate the pools. In the protected inner courtyard, which has been designed in the style of an atrium, is another spa water pool with bubbling water loungers and a waterfall, as well as a sun deck for relaxation. In addition, the spa centre has a restaurant area. A sauna landscape and the X-Force Sports Club round off the varied leisure and wellness facilities.

The indoor spa bath in Carolinensiel has been an important attraction for spa guests and tourists since 1980. The mineral water from the Cliner source has a salt content of approx. 2.7%, and is harnessed directly in the spa garden area. The mineral water from that source is known for its healing effect on rheumatic diseases, especially conditions affecting the spine and joints, for heart and circulation problems and for respiratory conditions. After being harnessed, the spa water is treated for use in the pool facilities.

In the design of the pool water technology, special attention was paid to energy efficiency. The water from the spa water pool is treated via suction filters, which use significantly less energy and water compared to conventional pressure filters. Similarly, the new pump systems operate with a reduced consumption of electricity; the existing raw water pumps were replaced with permanent magnet motor pumps with maximum energy efficiency. In addition, the technical equipment needed for the operation of the centre was expanded and optimised with respect to the consumption of electricity and heat. In view of the great variation in temperature of the pool water, each spa water pool has been fitted with its own water treatment plant with surge water container. Any back-flush water is captured and continually discharged via a treatment plant into the wastewater canal.

Going for a swim in a certified building

Even before the opening of the pool in November 2011, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi) awarded the design by pbr AG a prize in the competition entitled "Buildings of the future – architecture with energy". The pool reaped another award in 2012 as "Good example of energy efficiency in communal buildings" by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH. The Bambados received funding under the Program for Energy-optimised Building (EnOB) run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology. The EnOB research initiative provides funding for innovative construction methods and materials with the aim of increasing energy efficiency. The focus is on research and development in building construction and technical services installations, as well as on scientific evaluation of building layouts. The swimming pool received further funding from the State Office for the Environment of the Free State of Bavaria and the government of Upper Franconia. The site plan parameters for the indoor pool to Passivhaus standard were worked out in close cooperation with the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt. The Institute supported the project throughout its three year design phase, and certified that the pool complied with the Passivhaus standard, the first pool in Europe to achieve this. The pool combines not only innovative projects and a successful range of energy-saving measures, but also demonstrates the many options available for the construction of future pool buildings.

Total contract sum
6,9 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
UFA 1.150 m²
GFA 2.050 m²
GV 5.355 m³
Carolinensiel-Harlesiel GmbH
services pbr
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