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    Neubau eines Verwaltungsgebäudes

New construction of pbr head office in Osnabrück

The new construction of the office building as pbr’s head office in Osnabrück sets new benchmarks in terms of technology, ecology and functionality. The new head office appeals on the basis of added comfort, sustainable construction and lower life-cycle costs. For this achievement, the building was one of the first to receive the Platinum DGNB certificate during this year’s real estate exhibition, Expo Real.

To accommodate the growing number of employees, a decision was made in 2012 to create a new building where all functions could be accommodated under one roof. At the beginning of 2014, the about 200 employees of the Osnabrück office were able to move to the new office building at the Osnabrück Science Park, a high-quality quarter for work, research and housing that is being developed. The new office building was deliberately developed at this location to allow for the continuous development of our competence. It is hoped that the proximity to the University and the University of Applied Sciences, as well as to the Osnabrück Innovation Centre that has been created opposite, will promote interaction and communication with students and teaching staff.  

Economic efficiency

The design and the implementation of the project focused primarily on innovation and sustainability. The facade has been faced with facing brick, a very durable and hence efficient material. The quality and thickness of insulation was chosen to ensure that the legal minimum requirements were significantly exceeded.

The new office building exceeds the requirements stipulated by the Energy Conservation Directive (EnEV 2009) by 30%, thereby fulfilling particularly demanding criteria for economic efficiency. The solid construction with its high storage capacity is utilised to regulate the room temperature by storing heat or by using the fabric as a heat sink for cooling. The technical services installations include monitoring equipment so that consumption data can be monitored and evaluated. A photovoltaics system has been installed, which almost covers the company’s entire electricity consumption.

Reduced life-cycle costs

At the beginning of the design phase, all life-cycle phases of the property were taken into account in order to keep the life-cycle costs as low as possible. In view of the fact that the ease of recycling has an effect on several sustainability aspects, such as the life-cycle costs, environmental effects and operating costs, only materials without noxious substances were used for the construction of the new building. In order to ensure enhanced re-utilisation, elements of the interior of the building were chosen for their ease of dismantling.

Flexible and comfortable

The outstanding user comfort of the building has been achieved with excellent sound insulation, amongst other elements. Textile floor finishes, acoustic ceiling panels and highly sound-insulating office partition walls all contribute to a calm working atmosphere. In addition, access throughout the building is barrier-free and the layout is focused on short circulation routes and optimum utilisation of the available floor area. Should the offices be subject to a change of use, it is easy to sub-divide the building into five functional units.

Floor area and volume
UFA 1.872 m²
GFA 3.152 m²
GV 12.309 m³
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