• SEAT trading centre, Berlin

    New construction of a flagship store

The new SEAT flagship store in Berlin picks up on the corporate identity of the company

The first SEAT car rolled off the production line on 13 November 1953, thereby marking the beginning of the history of one of Spain’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Today, the company is part of the German Volkswagen Corporation.

Modern styling and technical inspiration

"Technology to enjoy" is the slogan of the car manufacturer, whose new logo is intended to not only reflect the brand design but also the brand’s promise of sophisticated technology and innovation. In consequence, it combines "the passionately dynamic SEAT red" with the company’s "unmistakeable chromium S". The chromium symbol, a symmetrical composition of specially arranged lines, represents modernity and technical inspiration. So does the new flagship store in Berlin, which opened in January 2014 and – with its architecture – exactly replicates this symmetrical composition of specially arranged lines. pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG was responsible for the overall design of the new building for Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH with a value of EUR 4.2 million.

This new SEAT trading centre at Prenzlauer Promenade 46 in the Berlin district of Pankow, which is the first in Europe to be aligned with the new corporate identity, took two years to complete. The two-storey building has a gross floor area of more than 3,600 m2 and accommodates a showroom, a service and workshop area, a tyre store as well as offices, meeting and staff rooms. The architecture of the new building catches the eye with its generous window fronts and orthogonal footprint, which is contrasted by the diagonal design of the floors and furniture. The facades are clad with anthracite-coloured aluminium sandwich panels. The structure of the main building consists of steel framing in combination with prefabricated concrete elements.

A world of work characterised by openness and generosity

SEAT’s slogan, "Technology to enjoy", conveys the idea of technical precision and passionate design. In the generous showrooms and service area, with two check-in reception desks, the corporate design has been picked up on the ground floor in the form of repeating red elements. Customers are welcomed at a generous service counter and directed to the sales and service staff, whose open work places have been integrated in the exhibition space. The rear part of the building accommodates space for the delivery of vehicles as well as 12 service stations for the technical work carried out in the workshop. The first floor provides space for a store for 1,500 tyres, as well as air-conditioned offices, meeting and staff rooms which are fitted with underfloor heating. Glass partitions have been fitted to separate the area from the gallery, creating an open and transparent working environment for both staff and customers.

 Combining design with sustainability

In view of the fact that SEAT not only prioritises aesthetic design values in the manufacture of automobiles, but also champions sustainability, ecological sustainability was given high priority in the construction of the new flagship store. As a result, the building is connected to a district heating system and the process water used in the workshop is treated so that no wastewater is produced at the new premises. The lighting for the showroom and exterior spaces consists of energy-saving LED lamps.

With the modern new building – with its strong design appeal and sustainability credentials – SEAT sets a marker in Berlin for the new prestige of the brand.

The exhibition room with its full-height two-storey facade faces Prenzlauer Promenade and, with its special lighting concept, attracts the attention of passers-by to the exhibited car models not only during the day but also at night. The large window areas of the bright and open workshop allow passers-by to view the activities taking place.

Total contract sum
4,2 Mio. € (brutto)
Floor area and volume
UFA 2.982 m²
GFA 3.626 m²
GV 15.773 m³
SEAT Deutschland Niederlassung GmbH
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